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Kelli Call: Same Interview, The First Year

Taking inspiration from Vanity Fair's recurrent interviews with Billie Eilish, we're giving our authors the same questions once a year to see how their answers change.

Kelli released her debut paranormal fantasy novel, The Dance of Lost Souls, earlier this year!

Is it awful being dead?’

‘No love’ he said softly ‘it’s as gentle as a kiss’...

Malia was once the most promising dancer on her home island of Blisse until her parents died, and all her dreams came crashing down. With her brother in charge and ruining the family business, he has promised her to an old and corrupt man in order to forgive his debts. But she refuses to accept her bleak fate without a fight.

So, when she meets Rogan she dismisses him as another lusty sailor with nothing but heartache to offer her. But could she convince the mysterious sea captain to take her away from Blisse? Or will he demand a price she can’t afford?

Immortality didn't change Rogan, or so he thought. But with every passing year, he lost more of himself. Sailing back and forth, taking souls to paradise or hell becomes nothing more than survival. That is until he sees a strange woman crying over her parents' graces as he comes to collect their souls. She ignites a fierce love and loyalty that he never thought he would be capable of.

A love that people sell their souls for.

How many books have you written?

I have written nearly 10 books. However, The Dance of Lost Souls is my first published novel.

What genre(s) do you write in?

I love to write anything romance that usually has a fantasy or paranormal element to it.

Where does your inspiration come from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from music that I hear. I'll be listen to something and suddenly a scene will take shape in my head and start telling a story that goes with the mood of the music.

How many followers do you have?

Around 100 on both Twitter and Instagram.

What’s your advice to future writers?

Keep going! Keep working on the craft of writing. and READ! READ! READ!

If you were a creature from one of your books, what would it be and why?

I would be perfectly fine being a Goddess of Death. She is both powerful and smart.

What are you currently reading at the moment?

Has publishing changed your writing process?

Being published has changed my writing process. I'm finding that I am thinking a lot more deeply about what I'm writing and how the story is being told.

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