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They Hung The Moon

Keep your eyes on the sky…

As the melancholic winter fades and fragile seeds of hope begin to bloom, these 12 stories pay tithe to the changing season.

Vengeful women, forlorn sirens, and strange beasts mirror the coming of spring and the reclamation of the landscape – for better, or for worse. Yet, even as worlds are made anew, one thing remains constant… the moon.

All proceeds from this anthology are donated to Women’s Aid

they hung the moon, smashbear publishing anthology.jpg


And I Will Follow by Jenna Weatherwax

As Winter begins her sleep to allow for Spring’s reign, a bittersweet goodbye is whispered between the lips of the of the two seasons.


Equilibrium by Kerri Spellar

A bucket. A garden. A plant as ancient as time itself and tired of human mismanagement of the earth. Is one old woman enough to prevent its version of equilibrium


A Bright New Future by Courtney Pollman - Turner

A divorcee is about the get the surprise of her life when two new suitors come crashing through her window. Did we say suitors? We meant Fae warriors and they’re not there to woo her.


The Dark Side of the Moon by Lauren Dooley

Jadyn had always dreamed of seeing the dark side of the moon, but someone should have told them to be careful what they wish for.


April in Strangerland by Amy Readyhough

There are bad first dates. Then there are dates with the manic pixie dream girl who can reshape reality and is determined to show you just how different she is.


Heavy Heart by Loredana Carini

Midnight clandestine meetings may not be enough prevent one siren from being engulfed by the gloom in her heart.


Moonlight by Tracey M. Carvill

As the moon moves through its cycle and dogs bark in the distance, a woman lays listless and frozen in the snow. Waiting for someone, anyone, to find her.


Bare Necessities by John Ortega

To pay off her brother’s debts, Shannon Connolly finds herself in a grizzly den with only a pair of nail clippers and a werebear breathing down her neck. Who said teleporting was all fun and games?


While We Were Looking Up by Sarah Ernestine

A woman reminisces on loss, hope, and the feeling of loving something far greater than herself after her love affair with the Moon.


Red Moon Blossoms by Jade Church

One woman has been waiting for the single night a year when the wronged can seek bloody vengeance without any repercussions.


The Tale of the Moon and the Sun by Bethany Lucas

As an invading army are about to break through the defences of a mountain-village, an old storyteller hopes it isn’t the last time she will narrate her people’s tale of the moon and the sun.


Mourning Moon by Carla Eliot

Forest creatures watch as a woman is murdered and rejoice as she gets her ghostly revenge a season later.

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