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Children of the Tithe

Children of the Tithe.jpg
  • Imprint: SmashBear Publishing

  • Published: 17/10/2022

  • Ebook ISBN: 978-1-915636-10-2

  • Paperback ISBN:978-1-915636-11-9

  • RRP:

    • Ebook: £3.50

    • Paperback: £8.99

  • Page Count: 376

‘Second Star to the right and straight on “till morning”’, she had muttered, and the figure had laughed as its slender fingers enclosed her small hand and pulled her gently to her feet. ‘Yes’, it agreed. ‘Come, little Wendy - Bird’ 

Heidi was always told that she had an old soul for her age, so when she awoke and found herself and other children in a world of enchantment and fear, she knew she needed to get home, no matter what the consequences.

Leading a group of young survivors through an unknown world of savage beauty, Heidi has to keep her head and figure out which of the strange creatures they encounter are friendly ... and which are dangerous.


Some she is going to learn, can be both.

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