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Thank you for considering SmashBear Publishing. We are incredibly busy at the moment. If you don't hear from us within 6 months, don't worry, we probably just haven't gotten to you yet. We reply to everyone who submits to us.

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Submission Guidelines

SmashBear Publishing considers manuscripts for international publishing and distribution

At SmashBear Publishing, we practice a 'publish what you love' policy. This means that the publishers and editorial team are all passionate about the books that we publish. SmashBear Publishing exclusively publishes manuscripts of 60,000 words+ in the genres of urban fantasy, fantasy, horror, and paranormal romance.

Your publisher, commissioning editor, and editorial team will all have played a part in pushing your manuscript through our acquisition process! They will have picked your manuscript out of the metaphorical pile and loved it so much that they want to publish it! But to get to this stage, you have to send your manuscript to us first. There it will meet the all-knowing, all-seeing gatekeeper; the Acquisitions Manager. 

The Acquisitions Manager is a writer's most feared opponent. The A.M and their army of assistants will make sure that your manuscript meets our submission guidelines. You'll soon receive an email if it doesn't! Make sure to not anger the gatekeeper by making sure your manuscript meets all of the requirements below.


Submission Guidelines

We accept manuscripts intended for the ages 16+ (young adult, new adult and older).

Our minimum word count is 60,000 words, unless you're submitting to one of our anthologies.

We understand that the purpose of horror is to push limits and challenge readers. However, we will not accept any manuscripts which condone or glamorise problematic behaviours/experiences.

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