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SmashBear Publishing

New Books from SmashBear Publishing

Why SmashBear?

What we love

Maybe we're not the publisher for you if:

You want a publisher who cares about your work and will treat you as an equal during your publishing journey. SmashBear was founded on the principle that we publish what we love. We select manuscripts that spark passion within our team of editors and publishers. Authors who publish with us can rest assured that we will represent your work as authentically to your vision as possible. 

What we love:

  • Works from diverse authors

  • A diverse cast of characters

  • Innovation 

  • Unique plot lines and characters

  • Shocking/twist endings

  • Alternatively we love a happy ever after that makes us feel all warm and gooey inside

  • A strong sense of author voice

We're not the right fit if:

  • Your work glorifies, glamourises or condones problematic behaviours/content such as rape, sexual assault and/or any type of abuse. 

  • You struggle taking constructive criticism. All of the manuscripts that we accept will be edited, even if only to match our house style guide. Content editing is rigorous; we like to challenge our authors to push their writing to new limits. 

  • Your work is FanFiction or heavily 'inspired' by other's works.

  • We don't specialise in the genre that you write.

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