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Witches. Sirens. Spirits.


Follow our characters as they fall down rabbit roles, swim across seas, and fly through fairytale forests. Featuring 11 powerful stories, this collection will change the way you see the female space within the fantasy genre forever.


A reclamation.
A revolution.
11 stories retold.




Do You Want To Get Haunted?

Eva Leppard

What happens to feminists in the afterlife? One woman is about to find out.

Trial by Water

Renee Cronley

A scorned woman seeks revenge after being accused of witchcraft.

The Rabbit Hole

Rebecca Sewell

Norman embarks on a first date with a little more than just awkward conversation. 

The Unrequited Love of a Female Fairy

Raymund P Reyes

Farah is about to suffer the worst fate for a fairy - falling in love. But can she ever be saved?

The Curse

Samantha Atkins

Living forever - is it a blessing or a curse?

Ghoul's Night Out

Anna Hill

New neighbour Angie joins a peculiar local mum's group including ghouls, vampires, and werewolves.


Kerri Spellar

Lucy watches as legends come to life at an annual Mayday parade.

Alone, At Last

Courtney Pollman Turner

Robin Hood, but as you've never seen him before...

Trembling Aspen

Jason Herrington

Calvin discovers firsthand the legends of the Canadian wilderness as he is confronted with the mystical Hama.

Cold Christmas

Jade Church

An old church looms in the dead of night in this dreamlike flash fiction story.

Sink or Swim

Megan Amato

A drunken party, a beach full of litter, and a mysterious figure in the water... What could possibly go wrong?

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