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The Rune Caster Chronicles

Born for greatness. Drawn to the quiet life. Forever cursed to watch it sail over his head.
 Join our beloved innkeeper, Nathan, as he battles his way to the quiet life he dreams of.

Scion's Demise

scions demise by john ortega book cover.png

Book 4

Nathan Mercer, known to some as Winter's Wolf, the Fae's Bane, and scourge of the Winter realm. 

Known to others as the friendly Innkeeper who will always help those in need.


Having thwarted a plot that threatened to plunge the fae into war, Nathan finds himself entangled in an even greater mystery. The Scions, descendants of the Greek Gods, have arrived in Portland, demanding justice for the alleged murder of Dionysus's son. They’re blaming Margie, Nathan’s niece. Trouble is, Margie is missing.


With the Scions hot (and violent) on his tail, Nathan embarks on a perilous quest to unearth the truth and clear Margie's name. As the clock ticks down, he must navigate the intricate layers of magical families, each harboring secrets and power rivalling the gods themselves.


Are you ready to dive into the shadows and unveil the secrets that lie beneath the surface?

winters wolf by john ortega.png

Winter's Wolf

Book 3

It's been more than a decade since Nathan Mercer escaped from the lands of the fae. He had once vowed that he would rather die than go back.

That all changes when the princess of the Spring Court arrives at the inn running for her life, seeking Nathan's help. Not one to turn away somebody in need, Nathan offers her his protection, yet the only way to fulfill his promise is to return to the one place that has haunted his existence since he could remember.

It's now up to Nathan, Silera, and Sabine to journey into the frozen hallways of the Winter Court and find the culprit behind the threat on the spring princess life. Nathan must face his past, reconcile his present and prepare for his future if he is to survive the biggest challenge of his long life. A royal ball.

Someone better get his tux ready, things are about to get bloody.

death's edge by john ortega

Death's Edge

Book 2

Running an inn should be an easy job. That is if you're not Nathan Mercer — owner of the only refuge for supernatural creatures in the world.

Ever since the fae discovered Winter’s Wolf lives; Nathan has been bracing himself for an inevitable confrontation. But when a ruthless killer leaves a trail of blood across Portland, Nathan’s past and present collide in ways no one could have foreseen. With some help from his friends, and one immortal love, Nathan races to stop the killer and protect his family.

Winter's Wolf is done hiding.

storm's child bookcover.jpg

Storm's Child

Book 1

Nathan Mercer lives quietly, tending to his inn and trying to leave his violent past behind him. But after the mysterious death of one of his employees, Nathan finds himself suspecting the Fae, an ancient and powerful race he would rather avoid. Nathan’s choice is clear; dive back into a world that thinks he is dead, or let a murderer go free.

  • Imprint: SmashBear Publishing

  • Published: 26/09/2020

  • ISBN: 

  • Ebook: 978-1-5272-6928-6

  • Paperback: 978-1-8382561-0-4

  • Length: 252 pages

  • RRP: 

  • Paperback: £6.99

  • Ebook: £3.99

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