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the cursed weapons trilogy

An Innocent Assassin . An Oppressed Prince . A Curse To Bind Them

The Malachite Quest
The Cursed Weapons Trilogy Book: 2

A fugitive sister
A captive brother
The quest for Malachite begins

Fear clutched at my heart as I stared at the carnelian bead nestled amongst the berries on the floor. How had the Coterie assassin found us? I’d skin him alive for this. I glanced at a pale-faced Rian. I’d failed my husband. I’d vowed to be his shield. Instead, I’d let him down, maybe fatally.

With two countries teetering on the brink of war, Samphire and Valerian continue their search for Samphire’s brother, Malachite, and the legendary Fire Opal stolen from Valerian’s home.
Now aware of the Fire Opal’s possible power and the existence of magic, they forge on with their friends in a possibly futile attempt to recover what has been stolen before they lose everything.

Samphire and Valerian are only at the start of this dangerous journey, one that will test their love to the breaking point as heartache beckons and an old friend of Samphire’s returns.

With assassins in pursuit, they must fight to stay alive if they are to succeed in their perilous quest.
Will their magical discoveries aid or hinder them? Will their love be strong enough to conquer every obstacle? And will they reach Samphire’s brother in time to save him or is it already too late?

The amethyst talisman
The Cursed Weapons Trilogy Book: 1

the amethyst talisman by aerin apeltun.png

An explosive beginning to the hit high fantasy series, The Cursed Weapons. You won't be able to stop reading!

An innocent assassin. An oppressed prince. A curse to bind them.

I gazed into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity, drowning in pools of amber liquid, imprinting this memory into my mind for when I didn’t have him with me. If only he’d kiss me, give me something to cling to in the hard days and cold nights ahead…

A world broken by civil war. Merciless assassins that will kill anyone for the right price. A forbidden love destined to destroy everything.

Amethyst is the deadliest assassin in the Five Lands. Known as Lady Merciless, Amethyst has never failed a mission and she has never missed her mark. But she hides a terrible secret from the Iolite Coterie of Assassins - a secret that would land her at the top of their hit list.

When she’s accused of murdering the Crown Princess of Aerba and stealing a gem of legend, Amethyst’s reputation quickly comes to haunt her. Cursed by the King, she must find the true assassin and thief, or the Curse will kill her. The last thing Amethyst needs on her quest is Prince Valerian, sent with her to avenge his sister’s murder.

Forced to work together, Amethyst and Valerian’s destinies become entwined as they search for the assassin and gemstone. With the curse slowly draining Amethyst’s life, and the Coterie setting their sights on Valerian, it’s not only their lives that are at risk - but their hearts too.

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