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In honour of the International Women’s Day (March 8th), I’m very excited to present to you some female debut authors whom I have been following on Instagram and I can’t wait to read their stories! Their feeds, apart from being very aesthetic, are catered for readers and writers alike. Meaning that these ladies love talking about their own writing and editing process, which I find highly engaging and enlightening. If you’re facing writer’s block or if you’re battling your reading slump, fear no more, because I got your back! Read on to discover inspiring accounts of women who will get published in 2021 (or have just been published)!


Jessica Olson (author of SING ME FORGOTTEN, releasing March 9th) Jessica writes young adult fantasy, and her new book is a gender-bent retelling of the Phantom of the Opera! Her TikTok videos, inspired by the struggle of writing, are quite fun to watch, and I love watching her talk about her own writing process and how being a plotter has helped her come this far! Find her at @jessicaolson123.

2. Liselle Sambury (author of BLOOD LIKE MAGIC, releasing June 15th) An avid reader, Liselle seems like a writer who’ll preoccupy many readers with her young adult urban fantasy about black witches this year! I can’t really express my admiration for her writing journey and I really love her book recommendations. It’s always so heart-warming to follow writers who pay attention to the rest of the community and Liselle is no exception! Find her at @lisellesambury.

3. J. Elle (author of WINGS OF EBONY, released January 26th)

Urban fantasy, mythology and magic are deeply embedded in Elle's debut novel and I’m literally dazzled by how awesome the combination sounds! I love her IG feed too, she always shares the latest about her own journey and about new and refreshing stories featuring black girls! An aspiring role model, I’m telling you! Find her at @authorj.elle.

4. Genevieve Gornichec (author of THE WITCH’S HEART, released February 9th) A Scandinavian mythology inspired story about a witch who falls in love with God of Mischief is a BIG YES for my library! I’ve been following Genevieve on IG for some time now and I remember her crying happy tears when she opened the box containing the hardback editions of her first story! Her excitement is genuine and contagious, one of the reasons why I’m picking up her book very very soon! Find her at @gengornichec.

5. Namina Forna (author of THE GILDED ONES, released February 9th) I can’t really express how impatient I’ve been to read her debut novel! Another young adult black fantasy that is definitely worth your time and money! Namina’s excitement about her book’s success is a pleasure to watch and follow and I LOVE watching the readers reacting to her book in very creative ways like makeup challenges! Find her at @namina.forma.

6. Rachel Griffin (author of THE NATURE OF WITCHES, releasing June 1st) I LOVE everything about Rachel Griffin. She must be one of my most hearted accounts on IG and the reason is pretty simple: HELPFUL ADVICE FOR WRITERS + AESTHETIC. Seems pretty obvious to me the reason why I’m in love with her. Her debut novel has a unique magic system inspired by climate change and of course, a sweeping love interest! On Rachel’s feed you’ll find advice on how to plot well, on how to handle rejections or even how to query! Find her at @timesnewrachel.


Lyndall Clipstone (author of LAKESEDGE, releasing October 12th)

Lyndall’s debut novel is everything you could ask for on an October night: a gothic setting, monsters and romance. Her IG feed is the kind of feed you’d ideally want to have (you know inspired by art, grey undertones and candles) and watching her career blossoming slowly is truly motivating! Find her at @lkclipstone.


Hannah Whitten (author of FOR THE WOLF, releasing June 15th)

Retellings of fairy tales mingled with doses of horror to cater for the young fantasy reader are really my poison! Hannah’s been uploading her writing and reading progress on IG including answers to fans’ questions. She’s one of those writers who cannot go unnoticed simply because everything she uploads is inspired by nature and gothic aesthetics! Find her at @hwhittenwrites.

9. Isabel Yap (author of NEVER HAVE I EVER, February 23rd) Urban myths? Check! Immigrant tales? Check! Boundless horror and spellbinding magic? Check! Isabel Yap’s debut collection of stories will steal your breath away! She’s also a published author in Uncanny magazine, so you might want to check her online stories too. Her IG feed is a record of her own daily impressions and life and I enjoy following her life’s journey! Find her at @visyap.

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