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SmashBear Publishing awarded Prestige Book Publisher of the Year 2022

After being anonymously nominated, we are so happy to announce that the Prestige Awards have chosen SmashBear Publishing to receive Book Publisher of the Year. This is our first award and it really speaks volumes about SmashBear Publishing as a company.

Prestige gives awards to small to medium-sized businesses like SmashBear that have ‘proven to be the best in their market over the previous 12 months.’ They look into a company’s background, ethics, customer service, and products to make sure that they are choosing the very best of the year.

SmashBear winning Best Book Publisher of the Year is really an award to all of the hardworking people that keep SmashBear running. We now have over 70 people working with us including an ever-expanding pool of authors. Congratulations to everyone who won one of the Prestige awards and congratulations to everyone at SmashBear. We have pushed this new press from strength to strength so here’s to another year of SmashBear Publishing.

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