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Your Next SmashBear Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs have grown increasingly popular in the last few years, with the help of social media. Long gone are the days of reading your horoscope in the newspaper. Now, you have someone on Tik Tok predicting that the love of your life is just bound to enter your life at any point or the guy that ghosted you is actually obsessed with you. (He isn't, please don't text him. Don't do it!)

But regardless, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and assign the different elemental signs SmashBear books!

SmashBear has published 8 books but there are 12 zodiac signs. So, I have decided to do the elemental signs but once we hit 12 books, I'll write a new blog assigning each zodiac sign with their own book!

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

the promise of lighting book cover

We are starting of strong with the Earth signs. You guys are INTENSE. Harding-working, unsocial, and artistic, Earth signs are also reliable, honest, and loyal. It's the best of both worlds with Earth signs. And talking of best of both worlds, The Promise of Lighting by Jenna Weatherwax is perfect for Earth signs. With polyamorous representation, Greek mythology, and fated soulmates, this is the perfect read for anyone but particularly those Earth signs. Their patience and practicality help leads the heart but the soul? That's fair game and Vanessa, Theo, and Alexander are forced to understand that in this book.

Air Signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

the children of the tithe book cover

Oh hey, fellow Air signs. We are thinkers, following our brains and intelligence. Emotion? We don't let that cloud our judgement. Similar to Heidi from The Children of the Tithe, we gather the facts and then make decisions. And to sweeten the pot, this is a Peter Pan fantasy retelling. Those are enough facts for you Air signs to make the decision to read this book, trust me.

Not a fan of spooky books? Don't fret, Kelli Call's The Dance of Lost Souls is perfect for the romantics. Malia ensures she doesn't let her heart rule, believing Rogan will only cause heartbreak. But there's more to Rogan than meets the eye. Cue this epic love story that you cannot miss.

the dance of lost souls book cover

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

winter's wolf cover

Fire Signs? Cue the action. These guys are bold, brash, daring, and competitive, making John Ortega's newest release, A Winter's Wolf, perfect for them. Filled with action, plot twists that will make you throw the book at a wall, and royal ball which features an entire competition between the fae courts. Nathaniel's quick wit makes this a fun read, whilst also creating a perfect balance to the topics of mental health Ortega touches on. And to make this even better, the whole series is available on kindle unlimited! Start the series today here.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces:

the wing thief cover

We started off with a bang so it only feels right to end with a splash. Even I am disappointed in myself with that one. Moving swiftly on, Water signs have big hearts. Unlike Air signs being brain based, Water signs lead with their feelings. These guys are sensitive, caring, emotional, but also cautious. Samantha Atkins' 'The Wing Thief' is the perfect read for all those Water signs out there, a tale filled with magic and adventure. Feeling sentimental? Of course you are, you're a Water sign. Luckily for you, this novel follows themes of friendships and family, feeding any emotional side you may have.

And those are all the elemental zodiac signs! Hopefully you unearthed your next read, or even found a Christmas idea for that Gemini that couldn't settle on an idea. (I'm so sorry, we are an indecisive bunch) Don't be afraid to branch out of your sign and check out the other books too! These are purely suggestions based on characteristics from zodiacs.

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