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Latest and Greatest

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SmashBear Publishing awarded Best Book Publisher of the Year, 2022

After being anonymously nominated, we are so happy to announce that the Prestige Awards have chosen SmashBear Publishing to receive Book Publisher of the Year. This is our first award and it really speaks volumes about SmashBear Publishing as a company.
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storm's child bookcover.jpg

Born for greatness. Drawn to the quiet life. Forever cursed to watch it sail over his head.

death's edge by john ortega, urban fantasy novel.jpg

Join our beloved innkeeper, Nathan, as he battles his way to the quiet life he dreams of.

the wing thief by samantha atkins, a you

Let me ask you a question. It's pretty straight forward. Do you believe in magic?

the abyss within a smashbear publishing horror anthology.png

Dare you confront the abyss within? All profits are being donated to Women's Aid.

the promise of lightning book cover.jpg

Finding your soulmate should be easy. Especially when the goddess, Aphrodite is involved.

retelling her world cover.png

Eleven powerful stories that will change the way you see the female space within fantasy forever.

they hung the moon, smashbear publishing anthology.jpg

Vengeful women, forlorn sirens, and strange beasts mirror the coming of spring.

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