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Winter's Wolf

winter's wolf by john ortega cover

Continuing the best-selling urban fantasy series, Winter's Wolf will keep you addicted to The Rune Caster Chronicles. Perfect for fans of The Witcher, The Dresden Files, and the Innkeeper Series by Ilona Andrews!

It's been more than a decade since Nathan Mercer escaped from the lands of the fae. He had once vowed that he would rather die than go back.

That all changes when the princess of the Spring Court arrives at the inn running for her life, seeking Nathan's help. Not one to turn away somebody in need, Nathan offers her his protection, yet the only way to fulfill his promise is to return to the one place that has haunted his existence since he could remember.

It's now up to Nathan, Silera, and Sabine to journey into the frozen hallways of the Winter Court and find the culprit behind the threat on the spring princess's life. Nathan must face his past, reconcile his present and prepare for his future if he is to survive the biggest challenge of his long life. A royal ball.

Someone better get his tux ready, things are about to get bloody.

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